MCQs-Knee recon 2
As the degree of bone loss increases, the rate of successful arthrodesis decreases. A failed infected unicompartmental arthroplasty is the best candidate for fusion because of the excellent remaining bone stock.

– arthroscopic debridement of the arthritic knee works best if there is medial joint line pain with degenerative meniscal tearing.

– in general, inflammatory arthritis is a containdication to unicompartmental arthroplasty

– beware over-resecting the posterior condyles of the femur – you might anteriorlize the component and thus displace the patella anteriorly too – this will make the knee tight in flexion.

– when doing a unicompartmental knee, the centering of the femoral component over the tibial implant is subject to the greatest error because you put them in in flexion, and they may end up being pretty badly aligned when you extend the knee.

– secondary chondrocalcinosis of knee menisci is often associated with previous traumatic injuries

– if you manipulate a knee under anesthetic within 2 weeks of surgery, those patients tend to get a great range of motion initially. But by 1 year after surgery, this benefit is gone, and they don’t have any better range than those who did not have their knee manipulated.

– the most common complication of manipulation is hemarthrosis; supracondylar fracture, wound dehiscence, and patellar tendon rupture are all reported complications but happen very rarely (

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