MCQs-UE/elbow 3
Mason III fracture that is clearly un-reconstructable. In a Mason II fracture that you cannot fix, well, you might as well take that out too, as long as the rest of the elbow were stable and a longitudinal injury did not exists. Do not do partial excisions.

– for patients who come back long-term after having a radial head fracture that has not done very well, late excision has been reported to decrease pain and increase function in 70-80% of cases.

– for ununited lateral condyle fracture – watch out for progressive cubitus valgus and tardy ulnar nerve symptoms

– indications for fixing a medial epicondyle fracture: significant displacement (8-10 mm), valgus instability, ulnar nerve symptoms, incarceration into the joint. Remember to transpose the nerve.

– the best way to prevent proximal migration after Essex Lopresti injury is to fix the radial head. There are no other good solutions. The IO membrane and ligament DOES NOT HEAL.

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