Chondromyxoid Fibroma

– rare benign cartilage tumor occurring in 2nd & 3rd decades
– usu in long bones (esp proximal tibia)

Signs & Symptoms:
– pain localized to region of tumor
– tenderness, pain on motion of the affected joint, localized swelling, palpable mass

– eccentric, lytic lesions located in metaphysis
– lobular lesion sharply demarcated from normal surrounding bone by scalloped slightly sclerotic rim
– overlying cortex thinned & expanded

– poorly lobulated containing spindled & stellate cells with abundant myxoid matrix
– matrix calcification may be present
– multinucleated giant cells & round cells resembling chondroblasts in fibrous tissue btw lobules
– cystic spaces resembling aneurismal bone cysts may be seen

– intralesional curettage & bone grafting à 85-90% cure rate
– occasionally locally aggressive requiring wider local resection

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