– malignant tumor occurring btw 40-70 yrs
– commonly found in pelvis, proximal femur, scapula & proximal humerus

Signs & Symptoms:
– pain localized to region of tumor of relatively long duration
– tenderness, localized swelling, palpable mass, antalgic gait

– cortical thickening, endosteal scalloping & fusiform expansion of bone
– matrix calcification in stippled or ring-like pattern
– soft tissue extension may be seen with larger tumors
– overlying cortex thinned & expanded

– lobulated containing chondrocytes lying within lacunae separated by abundant hyaline matrix
– cells show mild-moderate nuclear pleomorphism & binucleated
– tumor infiltration of marrow spaces
– low grade chondrosarcoma difficult to distinguish from enchondroma

– wide excision (amputation vs limb salvage)
– not responsive to chemotherapy or radiation

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