Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma (MFH of bone)

– malignant tumor occurring in metadiaphyseal region of long bones of adults
– thought to be derived from fibroblasts

Signs & Symptoms:
– pain & swelling associated with tender mass usu present for at least 6 mos

– lytic lesions with cortical destruction with minimal periosteal reaction
– may see soft tissue mass

– spindle & histiocytoid cells with scattered multinucleated giant cells & lipid-laden histiocytes
– spindle cells arranged in storiform or cartwheel pattern where they form fascicles that intersect in a central hypocellular area
– varying degree of cell pleomorphism

– wide excision (amputation vs limb salvage)
– benefits of chemotherapy inconclusive
– radiation used postoperatively
– 5 yr survival = 50%

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