MCQs-Anatomy 3
of the obturator nerve (during the deep exposure).

– the sciatic nerve is anterior and lateral to the ischial tuberosity (the origin of the hamstrings)

– the femoral triangle – inguinal ligament, pectineus and adductor longus medially, sartorius and iliopsoas laterally

– tendon blood suppy – from vessels in the perimysium, the periosteal insertion, the surrounding tissue via vessels in the paratenon or mesotenon.
– Tendons surrounded by paratenon have been referred to as vascular tendons and those surrounded by a tendon sheath, as avascular tendons.
– In tendons surrounded by a paratenon, vessels enter from many points.
– The vascular pattern of a flexor tendon within a tendon sheath is quite different – here the mesotenons are reduced to vincula.

– so in the flexor tendons – blood supply is probably mostly from mesotenon

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