Ankle Fractures

A-Transverse # of medial malleolus
B-Spiral # at the level of the mortis
C-Fracture above the mortise with disruption of the syndesmosis

A-Supination/Lateral Rotation
foot turns in (ie. lateral force causing internal rotation)
*supination tightens lat. ligaments
-tear ATFL, spiral # of fibula at mortise, tear PTFL, possible post. malleolus #, tear deltoid or avulsion of medial malleolus

B-Pronation/Lateral Rotation
-tear deltoid or avulsion of medial malleolus, tear ATFL and intra-osseous, spiral fibula above mortise, tear PTFL, post. malleolus

-talus moves medially
-avulsion of distal fibula, near vertical fracture of medial malleolus (can be assoc. with osteochondral)

D-Impaction or Posterior Dislocation
-Pilon # with oblique medial malleolus
-tri-malleolar #/dislocation

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