Ankle – posterolateral approach

* position – prone with tourniquet

* incision – long. incision midway btw lat. malleolus & Achilles

* internervous plane – PB (SPN) & FHL (tibial n.)

* dissection
– mobilize skin flaps
– short saphenous vein & sural n. run just behind lat. malleolus
– incise deep fascia of leg in line with incision
– ID 2 peroneal tendons
– PB ant. to PL at level of ankle
– PB muscular down to level of ankle
– incise peroneal retinaculum to release tendons & retract lat.
– expose FHL
– incise lat. fibers of FHL as they arise from fibula
– retract FHL med.
– incise periosteum of distal tibia
– follow post. aspect of tibia down to post. ankle & incise capsule transversely

* dangers
– short saphenous vein & sural n.

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