MCQs-Infections 2

In Charcot joints from syphyllis, a characteristic x-ray finding is exuberant heterotopic bone.

In patients with cat bites and infection, think pasteurella multicidans, and treat with penicillin, even though it is a gram negative aerobic rod.

Erythromycin is both ototoxic and hepatotoxic.

Most aminoglycosides are nephrotoxic.

Gas gangrene is treated with extensive debridement/amputation, penicillin, and hyperbaric oxygen.

Necrotizing fasciitis is most commonly caused by alpha hemolytic strep

For multibug infections of the foot, clinda is a good choice of antibioitic.

The appearance of gram positive spore forming rods is very concerning – c. perfringens.

Length of delay before treating acute osteo is a risk factor for developing chronic osteo.

In a patient with liver disease, be wary of prescribing flagyl.

Actinomycosis is NOT a fungus, as the name suggests – it is a gram positive bacteria and has been known to cause osteomyelitis. It is treated with penicillin.

Flouriquine can cause visual problems.

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