Distal femur – lateral approach

* position – supine with bolster under thigh

* incision – over indentation btw BF & IT band to flare of fem. condyle

* internervous plane – BF (sciatic n.) & vastus lat. (fem. n.)

* dissection
– incise IT band just ant. to lat. intermuscular septum
– ID vast. lat. & retract ant.
– below vastus lat. lies lat. sup. genicular art.
– incise periosteum at jxn btw shaft & flare of femur
– subperiosteal dissection distally & med. over the top of the LFC

* dangers
– CPN – can be injured if sug. plane is strayed out of to post. side of BF
– lat. sup. genicualr art.
– popliteal art.

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