Acetabulum – posterior approach

* position – lat. decubitus

* incision – long. incision centered on GT extending from just below iliac crest ot 10cm below tip of GT

* no internervous plane

* dissection
– incise subcut. fat
– incise fascia lata in line with skin in lower 1/2 of wound & extend sup. along ant. border of GMax
– ID sciatic n.
– retract split edges of fascia to reveal piriformis & short ER
– IR leg to put short ER on stretch
– detach short ER from insertion on femur
– elevate GMed from outer side of ilium
– troch. osteotomy if more visualization needed
– incise capsule

* dangers
– sciatic n. – ID b4 cutting short ER & protect with short ER

– IGA – exits pelvis under piriformis & turns up to supply GMax

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