Idiopathic Chondrolysis

– a rapidly progressive chondrolysis occurring during adolescence without demonstrable etiology.
– chondrolysis is most commonly seen in the treated SCFE. Also seen in infection, trauma, prolonged immobilization, and severe burns in the lower extremity.

Etiology unknown.
– ? alteration in synovial nutrition to the articular cartilage?
– ? cartilage dysplasia
– ? mechanical insult releasing chondrolytic enzymes?
– ? autoimmune response – supported by the presence of chronic inflammatory cells (lymphocytes, plasma cells, and monocytes)

Incidence rare. More common in girls 5:1.

– painful ache, insidious onset, associated with progressive joint stiffness and limp.
– global restriction of motion in all planes
– most commonly a flexed, abducted, externally rotated position
– lab studies are usually normal.

– narrowing of joint space to

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