MCQs-Hip recon 5
with surgery.

– after posterior dislocation of the hip, degenerative arthritis, AVN, and sciatic nerve palsy are likely complications; redislocation is rare if there is no huge posterior wall fracture.

– the best position to reduce a posteriorly dislocated hip is in 90 of flexion, some adduction and internal rotation.

– the AVN rate post-dislocation is related to the amount of time out of joint and to repeated unsuccessful attempts at reduction. It probably does not have much to do with fracture of the acetabulum.

– a superior anterior dislocation can compress the femoral artery and nerve. It probably leads to OA less than the posterior dislocations

– be fast to aspirate the hips of any postop patient with internal fixation

– the most significant factor in the prognosis of hip dislocation is the length of time elapse until reduction

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